Customer Story - OneSchool Global Australia

OneSchool Global is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive, truly global schools. With over 9,500 students, 126 campuses and over 2,000 staff and volunteers operating across 20 countries, OneSchool’s global education ecosystem provides an environment in which our staff and students thrive. OSG Australia consists of 32 campuses serving 2450 students in partnership with more than 340 staff.


Why Sentral?

Our decision to choose Sentral was driven by the one-stop-shop solution it offers to our schools. We can manage all our student management requirements on the one platform. Security and privacy were also top priorities in our selection process. With Sentral hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure we knew that we could safely implement the platform across our multi-campus school.


Key modules we use

The attendance module provides us with the flexibility to operate a multi-state, multi-campus school effectively, and ensures all data can be verified centrally.

As our campuses are centrally managed, the academic reporting module and parent portal allow us the options of generating high quality reports and distribute them securely to parents. Modules such as timetabling, student plans and wellbeing have all significantly enhanced how our campuses run day to day.

Our decision to engage a Sentral Customer Success Manager has also proven to be a great investment. This helped to make the transition from our previous provider to Sentral a seamless process.

We strongly commend Sentral to any school.